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Infrastructure to Support Awesome Projects Running in the Blockchain Landscape

Supported POS networks

Infrastructure provider and operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchains.

Why delegating with us?

Infrastructure Operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Public Blockchains.

1. Infrastructure

Services are hosted redundantly on multiple top tier cloud providers.
Everything is defined as-code in source control.
Monitoring and alerting is performed 24/7, with a 5-minute average response time.

2. Provider

We are ready to provide hosted nodes on all of the networks that we support in less than 15 minutes.
Our operating systems have a clear update schedule, and are always on the latest security patching.
Private keys are stored securely and presented only at service start.

3. Bounty Program

For every successful exploit against our infrastructure (reverse shell / exposed keys) we are offering a reward of 2500 USDT.
Contact us if you want to start hacking right away!

4. Skin in the game

We invest our tokens side by side with our delegators, as being part of the process, for both benefits and risks.
This proves our long term commitment and trust in our infrastructure.

5. Dedicated Support

We are reachable across different channels, including e-mail, Telegram, Twitter and Discord.

6. Consulting

We are also offering Security and DevOps consulting services, please reach us for more information.


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